Marc Amacher

8 days, 16 songs, 32 musicians - and 1 passion: Blues! Marc Amacher's solo debut "8 Days" shimmers unbelievably multifaceted and still rolls unstoppably and irresistibly like a roadtrain out of the speakers. 


8 days, 16 songs, 32 musicians: Marc Amacher has put everything on one card for his first solo album: Blues! But terms like monotony or boredom are certainly farther away than the most distant worlds. Amachers Blues rumbles ("Black Cat"), rolls ("Kid"), romanticizes ("All for you"), jazzes ("That's life"), sparks ("Happy with the Blues"), whines ("Summer") and snorts ("Valley of Tears"). In only 8 days the finalist of "The Voice of Germany 2016" recorded 16 songs in summer 2017 under the direction of producer Cyrill Camenzind in the renowned Powerplay - Studios in Maur, ZH - together with 32 friendly musicians. This unique setting ensures that Amacher's first solo album rolls out of the speakers in an enormously compact and unified way, as well as boasting an unbelievable wealth of facets.

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