Amacher meets Gerber

They can clamor like an old married couple. But above all, they can tell big stories. with and without music. Marc Amacher and Philipp "Bluedög" Gerber are together to delight the small clubs of this country with blues of the brand in an authentic way.


Marc Amacher and Philipp "Bluedög" Gerber: Two men, one passion: The Blues. There it rumbles and rolls, it rocks, it scratches, it is grooved and improvised. The goal? Is the way. Where the musical giant of the two heart - and thoroughbred - musicians goes, nobody knows exactly where the journey ends at the beginning of the evening. One thing is certain: the musical route leads deep through the south of the USA - blues, cajun, gospel: it is these deep roots that interest the charismatic duo, which they try to fathom with every note and which they have dedicated themselves to with their whole being. And so in the audience even the die-hard fan only notices on second listening whether what is just rolling out of the speakers like a bluestrain is one of these timeless classics - or one of the songs written by the two guarded blues heroes at the front of the stage. Even if the setting of Amacher meets Gerber is apparently small: Their music is big. Ditto their presence. Ditto the experience for the audience.